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Sunshine To Dollars
by Steven E. Harris

The book that started it all! Free solar panels, energy, heating and cooking at your house. One of the most unique books ever written on Solar Energy. This book will have you building solar heaters in one afternoon. This is the most hands-on book ever written in the field. Get it today. Also includes, at no extra charge, Surviving the Blackout of 2003.

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Showing You the Book, by Me, the Author.
Sunshine To Dollars

Free Solar Panels

This is ME, Steven Harris, the author of the book, the author of this ad and the founder of the company KnowledgePublications.  These 54 panels were on my garage. This is my house in Michigan, and it still has these 10 panels on it, keeping the battery bank charged, after 14 years
These are HALF of the solar panels I got for FREE. There are solar panels available for free in every state. This is NO joke, the panels are slightly degraded but work fine.  The 10 panels in the left photo are dumping over 35+ amps at 12 volts in October Michigan Sunshine. I got all of these panels (over 85 so far) just by asking. This is a photo of the panels when I got them and a photo of the panels assembled on my roof and providing FREE electricity. I run the lights in my basement on the panels and in the summer time I power fans with the panels.  Some days I don't even use a battery.

Free Glass

Photovoltaic panels are NOT the only type of solar energy, personally I like solar heating much better. Its just glass, cardboard or wood and insulation, or just glass and cardboard. FREE GLASS is available in EVERY CITY in the USA and around the world.. I have enough FREE glass that I had to stop taking it, I can cover my entire roof with glass if I wanted to. This is FREE, double wall, insulated safety glass. I use this to make solar ovens, solar hot air heaters, and hot water heaters.  


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Free Solar Oven


This entire solar oven cost me $9 to build (almost free).  $5 for clamps, and $4 for the black paint.  EVERYTHING else was free.  This oven gets up to over 350F (175C) and it can bake OVER 20 loaves of bread at once and between 80-100 loaves a day in June Michigan Sunshine.  This is not rocket science, this is simple enough for a middle school student to do.  It gets hot, but it is not dangerous.  This is just glass, cardboard, insulation and aluminum foil.  
 I not only tell you but SHOW you how to do it.  
 I don't spout theory about how it could be done, I DID IT, I took PHOTOS then I SHOW YOU HOW to build it.

 This is not the only SOLAR OVEN in the Book, we show you how to build a smaller one too, 
 and hot water heaters, and hot air heaters and much more.
 (and they look nicer than this oven as well)

These are some of the things baked in the oven.  Food from a solar oven tastes SO GOOD, and it does NOT heat the house up in the summertime and it is almost impossible to burn your food in a solar oven.  Plus,  its just plain fun, almost like magic.  On the right is the FIRST CAKE I baked, then I baked bread and you can see that I baked 5 loaves and 2 cakes at the same time.  It took 1.5 hours to bake all of these at once, oven temp was OVER 300F (150C) during baking, again, June Michigan Sunshine, this WAS NOT Arizona, and you CAN bake in the winter, just as long as it is sunny.



(and free hot water too!)
All Day Long. FREE, FREE HOT Water.  Each one of these can do OVER 30 Gallons

These Get to 185F+ in Michigan Summer and
 150F+ in Michigan Winter (February!)
If the sun is out, these get HOT.
A 6th grader can build one in 30 minutes or less (serious!). 
 You see this being built step by step in the book. It is SO easy.


And More...

What I really, really want to emphasis, is this is really a hands on book. 
This is  NOT THEORY.
This is photographs, CLEAR explanations, step by step instructions, put your hands on it and
do it today.  Great for students, kids, adults, grandparents and yes, even advanced solar
experimenters.  There is not a book in the world that shows how to do this stuff as 
simple, as easy, as fast and as CHEAP as I DEMONSTRATE in this book.  
I should know, I have one of the best solar book libraries in the world.
This is an excellent start or addition to any solar library, for do-it-yourselfers or those concerned with rising heating/energy bills.



Sunshine To Dollars
by Steven E. Harris

Only $12.95 Ebook - Download Now.


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